03 December 2004

Mahallah Ali: Towards the Leading Mahallah in IIUM

Assalamualaikum wrt. wbt.
Welcome back to the Garden of Knowledge and Virtue and wishing you all a Happy ‘Idulfitri. To all new intake students, welcome to this beloved mahallah and may you have a comfortable stay with us here.
A semester has gone and we have been facing numbers of challenges. The issue of cleaning service by Aben Teknik Sdn. Bhd. in our Mahallah still not been solved yet even though a memorandum has been sent to the authority – Development Division of IIUM. However; just to name a few; we have been successful in getting new additional drying yard, new installation of public phones and water-coolers, new Musolla, TV Room and Conference Room. In addition, the maintenance service by IP-FMS has also been upgraded and revised in order to fulfil our satisfaction. Our Mahallah (under Student Affairs Division) has also been registered to receive an ISO 9000: 2001 certificate for the students’ services.
It is my hope that we could use all the services and facilities that have been provided wisely. It is my hope that the vandalism issue will be decreasing this semester. Hopefully, there is no more television been broken, chairs been stealing, public phone been vandalised and so on. The same goes to the cleanliness of our Mahallah. Hopefully we are all aware that it is very unethical to throwing away the rubbish through the room’s window and left the room dirty during the semester break. Don’t ask what the cleaners have done, but ask what we have done for the cleanliness of our own ‘home’.
This semester, Insya Allah we will proceed with our mission towards free stealing cases. We would like to propose that all windows at the ground floor should be grilled and all the doorknob should be changed to the safest one. However, we still have to be careful at all time and taking care of each other belongings. The 3rd Phase on Upgrading the Central Facilities (CF) will be continued for the Musolla, leisure area and Cyber Café.
I pray to Allah SWT that all of us may cooperate with each other in order to uphold the good name of our Mahallah as the leading college in this University. Please help us to help you to have a better stay in this Mahallah. Lets us move together towards free squatting and free vandalism for a more conducive environment in our beloved Mahallah – Ali Ibn Abi Talib.

-We Care, We Share-

President of MARC
Mahallah Ali Ibn Abi Talib
... my first speech on the AL1F newsletter... may it benefits others

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